Before placing an order, we recommend you first read our blog about choosing the right dimensions for your frame.


In order to keep your shipping costs low and avoid damage, Custom Frames Canada typically ships medium to large frames ready-to-assemble (small frames usually come pre-joined).

If your preference is to  have your frame(s) delivered pre-joined, please note it on the special instructions field in the shopping cart, or respond to your order confirmation with this request and we will do our best to accommodate you, if it is feasible.

The following easy steps will guide you to assemble your custom frame(s). Special tools are NOT required and results are guaranteed.

1. Place the custom frame lengths face down on a flat surface.

2. Apply a small amount of wood glue on the ends of the frame. Any wood glue, such as Elmer's or Gorilla Wood Glue should suffice. Next, align each frame corner and add thumbnail inserts into the routed slots. If necessary, a hammer can be used to lightly tap it in.

3. Turn the frame over gently so that it is flat on its back. Make sure the corners are tight, remove any excess glue and allow it to set.

For assembling heavier frames or framing very heavy objects (e.g. mirrors), add additional support to the frame corners, using steel angles that can be purchased from a local hardware store (this should only cost a few dollars).