Picture Frame Measurements Explained: How do I know my artwork or picture will fit my online custom picture frame order?

Ordering custom made picture frames online is not rocket science; however, it is important to make sure you select the dimensions that best fit your artwork. Whether you need a large custom picture frame or small, these tips help ensure you choose the right size:

  • The frame measurements that you will enter into on our product page should be the exact dimensions of your artwork/content (i.e. NOT the frame's its outside perimeter). 
  • With a couple of exceptions (highlighted below), the dimensions that you should enter are the exact dimensions of your item. For example, if your item is 11"x14", then the inputted dimensions should be 11"x14". 
  • Custom Frames Canada bases its measurements on inches rather than centimeters. If you need assistance converting from centimeters to inches, here's a tool that can help. Please round your measurement up to the nearest 1/8th inch.
  • Exception 1: For linen liners, enter the exact dimensions of your item. For the outer frame, add twice the width of the liner to the item dimensions.
  • Exception 2: If you are adding matting to your work of art, then your measurements should be according to perimeter of the mat board. Looking at it another way, if you're adding a border mat of 2", you will need to add 4" to both the height and width dimensions of your order. So for a 11"x14" work of art with 2" matting, you will need to order a 15"x18" frame. 
  • If you are ordering acrylic or backing, your measurements should be the same as the dimensions of your frame. So if you are ordering a 15"x18" frame, then your acrylic/backing should also be 15"x18".
  • Your image or artwork may be printed on a larger piece of paper, but if your intention is to frame the artwork itself, then ensure your measurements are based on the perimeter of your artwork rather than the size of the paper.
  • You should make sure the rabbet depth is appropriate to allow for things like double matting or an 8-ply mat to fit, if you intend on adding those. The rabbet depth measures the space available inside the frame for mat board, acrylic/glass and mount board.
  • Frames are manufactured with an allowance of around 1/8", but this figure can vary slightly with the cut. This allowance is added so that wood frames can expand and contract with changing temperatures, without impacting the artwork. So, if you order a 11" x 10" frame, what you will receive is a frame having inside dimensions that will be around 11 1/8" x 10 1/8". If you do not require this additional allowance, then please specify this when placing your order.

Happy framing!


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