To Plexiglass or Not To Plexiglass?


Our clients here at Custom Frames Canada frame an array of different items – including canvases, scarves, carpets, TVs, photos, tilework, mirrors, puzzles, posters, kimonos, stained glass, and more. Some half of our clients require the frame only, without the need for plexiglass or backing. This is particularly true of framing canvases.

Depending on what you’re framing and what style you’re going for, you may or may not need plexiglass or backing. It’s standard within in the custom framing industry to sell these items separately due to the variation in client needs.

So! The next time you’re thinking about framing an item (any item!), consider whether plexiglass (or backing) is required or not. Either way, we’re sure your custom frame project will look fantastic!

Happy framing!


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