Need a Gift Idea for Father's Day? How About a Custom Picture Frame!

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and millions of people will be wondering over the next few weeks what to buy their dads. How many more ties or bottles of cologne could he possibly need? One creative solution is to use children’s personalized art or build a “dad” collage with one of our custom frames. 

These are really easy to do and will last dad a life time.  Plus, we’re almost certain he hasn’t already received the same gift in another colour in some previous year! Once you have your art or collage, feel free to contact our sales team ( to help guide you on your custom frame design needs – we’re a team of seriously passionate framers. All our custom frames are 100% solid wood and come in many different finishings – we’d love to help make that special gift for dad a little more special this year with our custom frames. Happy framing and Happy Father’s Day!



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