Custom Picture Framing Tips: Beautiful Extra Large Custom Picture Frames for Large Artwork

Choosing the perfect custom frame for paintings, photographs, mirrors, and other flat objects can be daunting. They come in innumerable sizes and require extra due diligence to ensure you've selected one whose aesthetic appeal is optimized for your space.

This is even more challenging when you want to select something for an oversized canvas or wall-sized paintings. This is because framing large artwork or massive cameos need to take into account specific considerations, which are not crucial for small pieces.

It's crucial then to take a different approach when framing oversized prints and paintings as compared to modestly-sized artworks.

For some mind-blowing ideas, check out Custom Frames Canada to source some extra large picture frames for large artwork. These custom picture frame experts have a wide variety of picture framing options, including oakwood frames, metropolis frames, contemporary and natural wood frames to add feel, exclusivity, and warmth to your artwork.

If you want to make a bold statement, then here are some trend-setting tips for your oversized custom picture frames.


Why Careful Consideration is Important for Framing Large Artwork

When framing extra large artwork, one critical consideration often overlooked is the need for your frame to have rigidity and strength. At Custom Frames Canada, we ensure that you receive the most optimized and solid custom frames that are built to last.

We offer recommendations for the frame's width and length based on the size of the artwork. Our in-house framing experts can provide helpful advice for choosing the best custom picture frames before they're built to order in one of our state of the art facilities. Keep in mind that your frame plays a critical role in protecting your artwork. For example, the right frame can prevent your extra large artwork from structural warping.

As glare and reflection are more noticeable on larger surfaces, consider opting for a non-glare custom frame such as natural wood or matte black. These custom picture frames have a special contemporary quality to them. These frames come in bold as well as subtle moulding styles; wood frames offer a more aesthetically natural appeal, with numerous classical designs and "grainy" options.

Both options are non-glare, having a matte finish that diffuses light to reduce reflection. Additionally, they come with an anti-reflective coating that helps to enhance the artwork's look as well as protecting it from UV rays that can otherwise cause the frame to fade over time. Moreover, the custom frames are anti-static and highly scratch-resistant, which makes them easy to clean, over many years, without the risk of damage.

Things to Consider when Buying Extra Large Custom Picture Frames For Large Artworks

As already mentioned, large works of art require custom framing with a wider profile. This is not the case for smaller frames. This is a critical factor for maintaining visual balance and ensuring the artwork is aesthetically appealing. A frame that has a wider profile can complement the artwork without overwhelming the design.

For example, if you want to frame artwork whose dimensions are 35" by 25", our expert framers would recommend a frame profile that is1.5"-2" wide. Our professional framers can even work with pieces of art that are as large as fifty feet wide. We work with our customers to select robust moldings that offer the best picture framing solution and complement the painting as well as the surrounding space.

Another essential factor to consider when selecting a custom frame is the matter of mounting the artwork. Unlike smaller works of art that are visually appealing with wider mounts, these do not go particularly well with large paintings. For extra large pieces, framing professionals at Custom Frames Canada either recommend going with no mat or a thin mat.

The plexiglass (acrylic) covering artwork needs to be sturdy and sufficiently thick to offer adequate protection. Custom Frame Canada's non-reflective glazing accommodates the weight and size of even enormous art pieces. You may have seen extra large paintings featured on thick, huge canvases. This is because glass framing is light, thin, and prone to breakage. Note that this does not apply to print pieces.

This is a key reason why you should consider professionally framing large works of art, rather than going at it with a DIY approach.

Best Custom Framing Options for Extra Large Works of Art

» Vogue Frames

Custom picture frames allow you to most creatively display your giant art piece. A beautiful custom frame can both enhance the artwork and draw attention to it. Such a visually appealing custom frame can add a unique flair to any design.

» Gold and Silver

If you want to encase your large-sized piece with a great look, gold and silver frames never fail to impress. Regardless of your design, Custom Frames Canada's gold and silver frame mouldings offer the ultimate choice in finishing. Accentuating the artwork, these frames add uniqueness and a sense of exclusivity.

Natural Wood

In recent years, one of the most sought-after styles for custom framing is natural wood. It works for a range of pictures and design styles, including modern, contemporary, as well as classical. Custom Frames Canada exclusively sells solid natural wood frames.


Need to Frame a massively large Work of Art?

Framing oversized or extra-large designs or artwork involves different considerations and variables, owing to both size and aesthetics factors. This is where Custom Frames Canada comes in, offering professional framing to help art enthusiasts choose the best custom picture frames for their gigantic artworks. Contact us to order frames that have the strength and durability to sustain large pieces.

If you have any questions about picture framing, please feel free to reach out to Custom Frames Canada at (888) 680-9495 or Check out our picture moldings collections to view options currently available to you. We can also be reached through our Instagram and Facebook pages.


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