Custom Frame Your Television!

You can literally frame almost anything – including your TV!

Custom Frames Canada has been approached on several occasions about clients wanting to custom frame their televisions. Some consider their TV an eyesore, and want to use our custom frames to distract attention from the monolith in the middle of the living room. Others maybe own a beautiful Samsung QLED TV and wish to add a further embellishment to their home decor. This is a new trend that took off a few years ago and has remained quite popular ever since.

A custom frame around your television can also serve a multi-purpose function by turning their screen into a digital frame. We all have our photos taking up space on our phones and no where to display them, so why not create a digital frame using your television?

We have many designs that can match the style of your home – including glossy and rustic frames. 

Here's a couple of videos that offer a couple of methods for mounting you 

How to mount a custom frame on your television (method 1)

How to mount a custom frame on your television (method 2)

If you have any questions please feel to contact our team:

Happy framing!

Custom Frames Canada


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